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Store-Pro Overview

Store-Pro is the ultimate web based self storage management system, which enables you to effortlessly manage your entire self storage business from any location in the world. All you need is a PC, laptop or iPad and secure internet access point.

You can check occupancy rate, availability, payments outstanding etc., and even sms customers if required. You can monitor why, when, where and who has used the system, be it a customer, an employee or whoever.

Customers are able to reserve storage space, complete and sign contracts online thus reducing data capture errors from site staff and more importantly save time, paper and money.


The four primary functions of Store-Pro are as follows:

  • Units (standard)
  • Enquiries (standard)
  • Payments (optional)
  • Access (optional)

With these features you can manage your self-storage business as easy as


The management of self-storage units is simplified as the user has a visual representation of each individual unit in the storage facility ie. unit number, contract, expiry date, tenant name, value of unit, start date, end date, historical number (which indicates how many clients have moved through a particular unit).

There are various filters to refine the users search by unit size, cost, date occupied, date vacated, block no or name, status, floor, unit id or no, or tenant name. These fields allows the user to narrow the search for available/rented/booked/maintenance of units by date, size, block/name and cost.


This function records all new enquiries received on the system for follow up by telephone, email or SMS as selected by the customer, resulting in reduced paperwork. The user can search by date, size and value. Should a tenant vacate space before the actual due date, the space can be listed as available.


The payment function has an application which allows the tenant to pay the first month's rental and deposit by credit card online after completing the rental agreement and debit order facility.

The lessor incurs the bank charges for this one-off transaction with the advantage being that the reference number on the landlords bank statement correctly ties in to the tenant right from the outset.

All South African banks offer 'Pastel CSV' downloadable file to update the system and the users accounting program.

We recommend 'Pastel Partner 12' as this program has been written to comply with 'Pastel12' requirements which results in less time being spent loading payments from bank statement to 'Pastel 12' via Pastel Bank Manager.

The users bookkeeper/accountant will greatly appreciate this feature as it is quick and simple. It is recommended that the user open a 'clearing account' with the bank in order to simplify this further. This clearing account will only accept deposits into it which are then cleared monthly or at the discretion of the accountant or financial manager.


This module is optional and is the landlords first line of defense against the tenant who attempts to abscond from the property without paying. Once a tenant is flagged as Being 'in arrears', that tenant is denied access to the premises until the issue is resolved.

The landlord or site manager is able to override the system if the tenant produces proof of payment.

The gate access system comprises of the following:

  • access module
  • gate controller
  • 2 keypads

Once these components are installed, the users software system will be updated accordingly.


The management and control of access codes has been a great challenge facing larger storage facility operations in the past as far as the coming and going of tenants are concerned, especially when it comes to billing tenants moving in or out of the premises.

The general consensus amongst the larger self-storage business owners is that each tenant should choose his or her own access code and also determine when he or she would move in or out of the premises.

In the past, tenants were required to advise landlords well in advance and in writing when they were about to occupy or vacate the premises. With Store-Pro the client simply logs on to the system and enters the applicable dates. It is therefore important for the landlord to inform the tenant about this option from day one.

The landlord or his site manager can activate or deactivate a tenants access code at his discretion. It's as simple as that.

Whenever a tenant enters or leaves the premises it is recorded in a data log file for scrutiny by the landlord or his site manager at any given time.

Only tenants can log on and change their individual access codes.


In addition to the four primary functions, Store-Pro provides the user with a host of other functions as follows:

  • Add New Category
  • Blocks & Units
  • CSV Export File
  • Debit Order List
  • Help
  • Invoices & Notifications
  • Log File
  • New Site
  • New Tasks
  • Online Booking
  • Online Payments
  • Profile Management
  • Reservations
  • Site Information at a glance
  • Size & Price
  • SMS Notifications
  • Tools

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