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Store-Pro Features

Client Management

  • Operations: Add, update information and delete a Client
  • Relative Information: ID, Name, Category, Type, Tel, E-mail, Physical address
  • Categories: Private and Company
  • Type: Occasional, Contractual
  • View possibilities: by payments, by category, by companies, by unit' occupation, by financial situation, by date, by Type, by contract
  • Actions: The clients do not have any access to the system.
  • Access and Gate Controls


  • Units Selection: by Availability, by category-size, by site, by date
  • Related Information: Unit ID, Client ID, Date, Period, Content, Description, Payment
  • Operations: Add, Update, Delete & View
  • View possibilities: by deadline /date, by client, by site, by category, by payments


  • Operations: Add, update information and delete a rent operation
  • Related Information: ID, Unit ID, User, Client, Category, Payment type, Dates, Day, Time, Comment
  • Payment type: cheque,
  • Category: Monthly, [Periods]
  • Status: New, Pending, Ended, Canceled
  • View possibilities: by availability, by category, by user, by client, by unit, by date, by week


  • Type: Cash, Bank' transaction, cheque, ... DEBIT ORDER MODULE
  • Record: by local' users
  • Related Information: Rent ID, Date, Amount, Type
  • View possibilities : by date, by client, by site, by category, by type, by unit

Task Management

  • Operations: Add, update information and delete a task
  • Related Information: ID, Unit, User, Employee, Category, Type, Date, Issue, User, Title, Day, Time, Task
  • Categories: Maintenance, Cleaning
  • Type: Urgent, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Medium priority
  • Status: New, Pending, Ended, Canceled
  • View: by Status, by category, by User, by Employee, by units, by date, by week

Report Management

  • Section: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Type: Auto-generated, manual
  • Category: Unit, Client, Renting, Booking, Payment, Task, Using
  • View: by section, by date, by client, by site, by category, by payments, by unit

Client Actions - Enable

  • Online application
  • Online booking
  • Online payment
  • View: Tasks, history, Reports
  • Profile update
  • Basic Storage management: change type of payment

Auto Mail, Simple Mail & Mass mail

  • Auto mail: auto report, notifications [when availability, booking, payment, etc]
  • Simple mails: internal communication
  • Mass mail: by users, by clients, by unit history


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